We work with passion and we will activate your business secret power. Because your satisfaction is our pride.

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Web and Brand ?

Web Profile 2.500K - 4.500K

How people access my website ? I have website but i didn’t feel the impact ?

Thats two big question for new brand about website. Technubi not only give you a website but we give you website and a solution so people can access your website, Technubi also show you how use your website in the right path.  Here what we give to you

  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Easy CMS using Visual Composer
  • SEO Plugin
  • Premium Design
  • Wording
  • Product / Service Photography*
  • Premium Plugin for your service ( ex Event List, Booking , etc)

Control Everywhere

System Information 2.500K - 30.000K

“Sorry i can’t join i must keep control and make sure everything well” How much time you say that ? we help you to manage your business more easy, accurate and do it everywhere. Enjoy each time and free up your stress.

“Damn i need setup too many things” Keep Calm we will help you, and if you need everything on your hand we also can made mobile apps for your request

  • Stock Management
  • Ordering System
  • Point of Sales
  • Sales Tracker
  • Money Game
  • Etc

Are You in Right Network ?

Internet Marketing 1.000K - 1.500K

Google , Google and Google.. every day everyone open this site to find something. Can you imagine if your product on the top ? yes everyone will open your site to what is inside. We help you to reach this with an easy step we also help you make a market in social media and bring more profit to your business.

  • Social Media Management
  • SEO
  • Content writer

Any Idea ?

Bring up your idea ? make it with us..

We Made You to be a Winner

IT Consultant 3.500K - 6.000K /Month

You need modern technology on your business ? let us help you.. We give you more than a service, we make a strategy plan for your business , we make creative idea to grow up your business and also we make some system to help you.


Tell Us Your Business

Some case people need big impact but doesn't know how to. Tell me your about your business and we try to make a plan for your business.


If you agree about our plan and price, we meet and write down the contract.

Developing Time

We start to develop what you need.